Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year indeed!

Yesterday afternoon, I drove up to Sacramento to spend New Year's Eve with my honey. Some delicious dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant in Elk Grove, strolling downtown Sacramento and standing on Capitol Mall to watch the fireworks over Tower Bridge . . . So very nice. We split some champagne and kissed at midnight. Of course, without the advantage of Anderson Cooper or Dick Clark, we had to wing it on the countdown. I was watching the clock on my iPhone while we trotted across the Capitol Mall grass to get closer to Tower Bridge with me tugging on Alex's hand like I was a little kid, so eager to watch the fireworks.

I wish I'd had my camera, but alas, it was sitting on my bookcase in San Jose. I've realized that Alex and I really aren't (so far) one of those "picture couples." You know, the kind that photographically document everything. There's nothing wrong with doing that (please don't assume I'm judging), but it seems like it's not really our thing. I would like to make it a point, though, to start carrying my camera more . . . I did for a while, but not so much anymore.

I like optimism. I'm not always good about practicing it, but I like to believe in it. I like to think positively, I'm just lacking in the routine of practicing it.

Which brings me to my New Year's resolutions . . . I haven't always been good about keeping them (who is?), but these are resolutions with strategies, so I'm optimistic. (See? I'm getting better already.)

- Losing weight
This is a tried-and-true resolution, one that inspires many each year. I've recently joined, an all-encompassing weight loss and motivation site. This website is . . . incredible, for lack of a better word. A nutrition and fitness log, a diet and exercise plan, forum, an advice center, a social network. To say that it 'has it all' would be putting it mildly. The best part, though is that as overwhelming as that sounds, they make it very user-friendly. Tutorials and guides to help you get used to using the website. I'm really jazzed about this and have gym plans tomorrow. ;o)
- Taking better care of my skin
Even into my 20s, I'm still dealing with teenager-ish acne. It can be really embarrassing and downright frustrating. I feel like it makes me look like a kid and I work in the so-called 'adult world.' So from tracking how much water I drink (Sparkpeople actually helps with that too), to washing my makeup brushes more regularly, to taking off my eye makeup every night and wearing sunscreen daily (I used to be religious about this), I've got plenty to work on.
- To learn a new language
Not to toot my own horn, but I'm good at languages. I'd like to try my hand at German or Spanish. Maybe work on recovering my French or ASL. But for fun, I think Russian, Italian or Chinese would be good choices. If I'm trying to get in touch with my roots, any Celtic language, Polish, and again Russian (I'm not Russian explicitly, but ancestors came from the Ukraine, where they likely spoke Russian).
- To run another marathon
I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it right. I'm giving myself 12 weeks to start building my aerobic base again, but then I'd like to start adding distance runs and applying a training plan. Maybe I'll do the Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon in June? It would be a nice long weekend and a chance to check out a city that I'm not only dying to visit for the first time, but to live in as well.
- To log reading with Goodreads
I started an account with a while back, but I'd like to get back into reviewing books. It's a neat site that keeps track of the books I'd like to read, have read and reviewed.

There are a few more, but I'll wrap up and not bore anyone reading too badly. ;o) Hope everyone had a happy New Year! May 2010 bring some fantastic new adventures.

To those reading, what are your resolutions?

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Jackie said...

You're so cool. I need to write down some resolutions I want to keep too.... maybe I should update my blog... lol.