Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites - (n.) Like Tuesday Tops but not quite.

- flowers
- my new wine rack freshly installed by my dad
- my handsome boyfriend getting a pretty great opportunity at work (of course, it prolongs the amount of time until I see him, but I'm happy for him and really excited)
- my technologically challenged self managed to hook up my router (I'm blogging from my kitchen bar . . . NOT from the living room floor per the norm before this)
- books
- red lentil dal (I took Rachel's recipe -- it's a favorite and I make it once a week, usually)
- frozen bread (as a single girl living by herself, a loaf of bread usually goes bad before I can finish it so I've opted for freezing the loaf and pulling out and toasting slices as needed)

- veggie burger on toasted sourdough bread with goat cheese and mustard
- red wine
- long chat with my honey
- an organization 'game plan' is in the works

Current mood: loving life.

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