Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sleepless in San Jose

A second night of sleeplessness . . . An inability to fall asleep creates a panicky feeling that I might not wake to my alarm clock -- which perpetuates the inability to fall asleep.

For two nights I've taken long baths (complete with book, aromatherapy of the lavender-chamomile variety and a cup of herbal, decaf tea). For two nights I have tossed and turned trying to shut my mind off and Just. Go. To. Sleep.

Tonight, I am going to turn off all stimuli for at least an hour before bed -- phone on silent (alarm still works if phone is on silent), computer off, TV off. If I can't catch "The Biggest Loser" and finish watching it before 9:00 PM, I'll just have to watch it on On-Demand.

I'm thinking . . . bath, yoga, tea and reading and lights off by 9:45 to give myself time to fall asleep. I love sleep. I have absolutely no qualms about it. If I could get paid to do it, goshdarnit I would. Typically I sleep like a champ.

Not lately. Anyone reading . . . what are your strategies?

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