Friday, April 23, 2010

Buzz, buzz, buzz

I'm a buzzing, busy bee lately . . . The SJ City Council campaign is really starting to go well and I'm enjoying the learning process. For some reason, I have always worked well with men between the ages of 55 and 80 -- they think I'm Gidget or something.

Greeting people coming in, I flashed a big smile and gave a friendly, 'Hello!' to a gentleman and his wife that passed me. The man made eye contact and said, "Thank you! Smiles are contagious and you did a good job."

Totally made my night.

Our candidate
did really well -- he started off a bit nervous with his introduction, I think, but in the actual Q&A segment, he rocked it. His name recognition is picking up in District 9 and I hope to see him win in June.

Let's go, Jim! :oD

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Robyn said...

Gidget, isn't she a little before our time Robyn? Haha. Man, well I guess that explains why you get along with older men...same preferences in TV shows... :)