Thursday, April 29, 2010

All this glitz and glamour . . .

Being part of a political campaign - even on a smaller scale like city council - is pretty interesting . . . There are always doors to knock on, phone numbers to call, volunteers to recruit and flyers to pass out. There is also a lot of schmoozing to be doing.

I've been invited to attend the Santa Clara County Democratic Party's 20th Annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner! It will be held at a fancy hotel in San Jose and I'll be wearing formal attire.

I'm really, really excited. I was invited as a thank you for all of my work with the campaign, which makes me feel pretty honored -- I'm the only volunteer going, I think.

Laura and I have plans to do some serious shopping this weekend -- sadly my beautiful black Jessica McClintock dress doesn't fit. :( Then again, the last time I wore it was high school . . .

Cross your fingers that I find something lovely that isn't too expensive. ;o)

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