Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good cheer

I'm spreading good "juju" today. Last night, I drove out to Safeway after a bible study and bought about ten bundles of daffodils (ten in each bundle), a bundle of long cattails and a box of Mason canning jars. Using ribbon, a hot glue gun and some note cards I already had, I put the flowers/cattails in the jars with water and tied a bow around the lid, which I secured with a dab of hot glue.

They came out really cute! I think in my head they looked cuter when I was trying to visualize it, but alas, sometimes it just doesn't quite work out for my finicky self.

I gave one to each of the nurse practitioners, nurse coordinators, our admin staff, our medical examiner, one for the docs, one for the team in general, and one for George, our ringleader.

In light of recent events, I found myself feeling slightly guilty for being so snide and vindictive with the way things are happening in our office. Work that is falling through the cracks and things that aren't getting done is serving as a source of derisive laughter on my part instead of a call to pick up the pace and try to keep the bases covered for the sake of the department and patients.

So, in humility, I brought daffodils. I'll edit this later with a picture, but they look really cute and everyone likes them. :o) I got a hug from Barbara, one of our NPs, as a thank you. The office just looks more cheerful, you know? And from that, I feel a little bit better and more inspired to do more.

It's amazing how doing something nice, not for thank you's but just to make others smile when things have been going so crappy lately, makes me smile also. I'm more motivated to work hard (especially given that I'm up to interview sometime soon) and it certainly brings good, springtime vibes to the office. Even one of the fellows, Brad, smiled at seeing them when I half expected a sarcastic comment or light joke.

Good tidings to Interventional Radiology! :o)

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