Thursday, April 9, 2009

Favorite things of the week

* productivity (I LOVE having stuff to do . . . I LOVE the idea that this brings job security)
* Jackie cardigans from J.Crew (perfect sleeve length, perfect weight)
* Bare Escentuals makeup (I turn into an infomercial for this stuff)
* the colors: coral, Kelly green, cobalt blue, butter yellow, navy (bright, happy colors save for navy, which is still spring-like since it's not black)
* sandal season (here come the toes!)
* spring rain (refreshing)
* crafty stuff (making those flower arrangements made me so happy)
* highlights (summery!)

I'm thinking this will have to be a weekly occurrence if for no other reason than to remind myself to smile sometimes and be grateful for the things in my life that may seem like trivial junk to some, but for whatever reason really make me delighted.

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