Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sooner still.

I can't be at peace. I teeter totter from "I'm okay with this" to "I need to talk to him." I know this time and space is supposed to be good, but a dear friend reminded me that there aren't rules for this thing.

I feel like I would leave in a heartbeat to drive the (almost) 5 hours just to stand on his lawn with a boombox over my head. It's THAT serious.

I feel like a moron, a hypocrite and a horrible person for having hurt him. I wonder if he'll even forgive me, though. :(


Jackie said...

You know he will

Robyn said...

Robyn, I just read your last 3 posts. I'm so sorry hunny, you do whatever you feel in your heart and head. Like you said, no rules. I'm thinking of you girl, we've all been there and you're not alone.