Saturday, February 21, 2009

Since August . . .

My car has needed:

- an engine tune-up
- brake check up
- new serpentine belt
- oil change
- new brake pads
- new struts
- new temperature gauge
- new radiator
- new front tire (after it blew)
- new gas tank (after blowing the tire punched a hole in it)
- new right-front CV axle (ouch . . . a $500 trip)
- new oil
- more brake fluid (they forgot to top it off)
- brake light replacement
- potential trip for a new part for some random belt and new peice for the motor

**sigh** I want to volunteer my car to a Carrie Underwood music video. Or throw rocks at it.

I know I should be grateful to even have it, but there is nothing about this car that I was ammenable to from the get go. I can only dream of when I can afford to turn it in.

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