Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coffee and hallucinations

According to ABC News this morning, a new study done by researchers at the University of Durham links drinking more than seven cups of coffee daily with the growing likeliness of experiencing hallucinations.

The study, which examined 200 college students and their caffeine habits, found that those taking in an excessive amount of caffeine (what could be equated as 7+ cups of instant coffee) were more likely to hear "voices" as well as being able to sense the presence of dead people.

At this point, the relationship is not considered causal, so it doesn't look like I need to switch to decaf any time soon. But I have to wonder, what would my life look like if I honestly needed to be drinking that much coffee? I can't imagine the hellish existence that comes from continually depriving oneself of an hour of sleep (or more) only to spend that time clutching a cup of coffee as a life preserver of sorts.

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